Playhouse Creatures on Tour

Pigeonhole Theatre is excited to announce their tour of Playhouse Creatures, in partnership with HIT Productions. Look out for The Creatures in Cleveland, Port Maquarie and Brisbane in August 2018, and stay tuned for dates and venues in 2019!


Curiosities, sex objects, or professional artists?

In 1660 the throne was restored to Charles II and he returned from France in triumph. He brought with him an addiction to the theatre, as it had been done by the French. Boys will be boys, the saying goes, but boys would be girls too in England’s theatre companies until Charles decreed that women would – for the first time – be allowed to perform on the English stage. Audiences turned up in their droves – including the King – to see the spectacle of women performing.

This is the story of five actresses of this time, their triumphs, their trials, and their struggle to be taken seriously as legitimate actors – a moving and funny account of the precarious lives of Restoration actresses.

“It is an outstanding production… It is dramatic and funny while at the same time being very informative on the history of theatre… They recently performed it at an international theatre festival in Monaco to great acclaim.”

Director: Jordan Best
Set Design:
Christiane Nowak
Costume Design:
Anne Kay
Sound/Music Design:
Matthew Webster
Lighting Design:
Cynthia Jolly Rogers

Featuring; Zoe Priest as Nell Gwyn, Yanina Clifton as Mrs Farley, Jenna Roberts as Mrs Marshell, Liz Bradley as Doll Common and Karen Vickery as Mrs Betterton.